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Tel.: +48 515 717 997
MON-FRI -9am-5pm, SAT - 9am-4pm
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Baluma B2B

The first Baluma Bike projects started in 2016 and we focused on uncompromising attitude from the beginning, and now - when our dreams come true - we can also offer support to others in building the brand.

Who is our B2B offer for?
When you are looking for an unusual / designer solution:
• for a shop exposition,
• to promote the brand,
• for a modeling photo session
• as a decor, decorative element of spaces / interiors
• for your employees as an expression of their personality
• to complement your sports car on a weekend getaway

... or due to different needs: contact us and we will make your dreams come true by preparing a product that attracts attention, strengthens the brand's position and is remembered as a unique element in the mind of your company.

Unusual projects are the basis of our business - all because we build each bike from the smallest parts, which makes our projects very diverse due to the unlimited number of configurations. We will never build two identical bikes.

We offer both the option to purchase and rent our products.

mobile: +48 515 717 997
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cell: +48 515 717 997
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