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Tel.: +48 515 717 997
MON-FRI -9am-5pm, SAT - 9am-4pm
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About us

We present to you a prestigious brand that, since 2016, has been implementing projects related to the design and aesthetics of the surrounding space, the coordination of artistic projects and assembling products on individual order. Our products are customized bikes, made to a specific customer order, created for people who often do not follow the path set by the general public or strive to achieve success by expressing their individuality. Our bikes are for people who appreciate superior design and pay special attention to aesthetics in the surrounding space.

Our products give the user a sense of originality despite being imprisoned within the rules resulting from belonging to a specific working environment. BALUMA bicycles allow you to manifest your otherness, by using them we express ourselves and our personal brand in a specific way.

Each bike is made to demand and assembled by hand, taking into account the preferences of the recipient. Thus, it is unique – not even one product leaves the workshop the same.

How will your Baluma bike stand out?

Quality, reputation, uniqueness, freedom, the ability to express yourself with a sense of belonging to a group that likes to ride unusual bikes. A bicycle personalized for you will allow you to consciously choose your own path in life, contrary to the generally applicable standards.

Who is our offer for?

People who want to emphasize their individuality, and the bicycle is to be an instrument to be successful - with us you can assemble a bicycle expressing yourself fully.

What we offer:

- Fixed bikes
- Single speed bikes
- 8speed bikes
- City bikes
- Vintage bikes
- Bicycles and bicycle parts from renowned brands: Miche / Shroom / 6ku / Brick Line bikes / Aventon / Brooks / Campagnolo / Cinelli /

We offer an innovative type of city bikes with an aerodynamic frame, which makes the bike fast, light and minimalist at the same time, allowing it to quickly travel through the city, and at the same time reliable and maintenance-free, because the gears are hidden in the hub of the bike, and thus being resistant to weather conditions and sand.

All bikes are made-to-measure - no two products are the same. If technical possibilities allow - we are only limited by our imagination. Show us your bike vision and we will make it happen!
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cell: +48 515 717 997
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